Retraction Cords and Subgingival Dentistry with Lincoln Harris – PDP124

Sub-Gingival dentistry: the dark, scary, bloody world you don’t see as much on Instagram. Straight talking Dr Lincoln Harris will help you choose the right retraction cord protocols to reduce your stress during subgingival caries removal and crown/onlay preparations.

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Protrusive Dental Pearl: When inverting/tucking in the rubber dam, instruct your DA to blow air continuously at your flat plastic instrument as it works around the sulcus. This will effectively and efficiently tuck/invert the rubberdam for a better seal (and sexier photos!)

Highlights of this episode:

  • 3:33 Protrusive pearl regarding inverting/tucking the rubber dam
  • 6:40 Deep Subgingival Caries cases
  • 11:44 Deep Subgingival Caries Protocol
  • 22:44 Which Retraction Cords to Use
  • 25:10 Retraction cord protocol on Silicone Impression
  • 30:50 Retraction cord protocol on Digital Scanners 
  • 31:48 Teflon as Retractor
  • 35:53 Isolation of Class V restorations
  • 42:02 Place of rubberdam on class V restorations

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Hosted by
Jaz Gulati

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