5 Lessons from Lincoln Harris – PDP054

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This man has taught me so much!

I would like to share with you 5 Key Lessons that Lincoln Harris has taught me (out of hundreds!). It was a tough list to whittle down to just Five. I have learned so much from this incredible Dentist, Mentor and Leader in Dentistry.

When I first asked Linc to come on the podcast, I thought to myself, ‘This guy is ridiculously gifted in every aspect of Dentistry. What should the theme be for this episode?!’

A great way to think about Written Consent: Setting Realistic Expectations

I then settled on timeless, non-clinical lessons that I have picked up from him over time:

Lesson 1 – The Stages of Grief

I sometimes noticed that as I was explaining a treatment plan to a patient, their body language started to shift. They started to fold their arms. What was going on here? The penny dropped when Lincoln taught me how the stages of grief apply to Dentistry!

Lesson 2 – When Dentistry get complex, slow down

We all want to be efficient Dentists. However, Lincoln Harris taught me that the more complex Dentistry becomes, the more you need to slow down. This has been powerful.

Lesson 3 – Photos – Every patient, every time!
How that fits in to the workflow of a consultation

Well, I was already taking a hell of a lot of photos before I met Lincoln. But now even the emergency patient that has been squeezed in at 4.50pm on Friday afternoon will get a few clinical intra-oral photos!

Lesson 4 – There is no evidence for what is the best treatment for YOUR patient. How we give our patients too many options

Evidence Based Dentistry, anyone?

I have agonised and agonised over what is the best treatment plan for patients. You then end up sounding unsure of the plan yourself. Sometimes we have to go with our gut!

Lesson 5 – How to overcome being uncomfortable discussing fees with patients

We all have a number. Above this number, we get a funny feeling in your stomach. What’s your number?

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