Botox for TMD – Indications and Protocols – PDP123

When is Botox an appropriate option for the management of Temporomandibular Disorders? Knowing this will help you make better referrals, or even consider Botox as a management strategy. Dr. Sheila Li guides us on the use of Botox/Toxins for TMD pain management. We discuss indications, protocols and regulatory requirements (which surprised me!) – as well as learning if these patients will now require Botox indefinitely…?

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Protrusive Dental Pearl: How do you routinely check the masseters and the temporalis at your new patient examination? As a restorative dentist, the most important thing I want to know (and what will influence the occlusal risk for my patient) is the size of the masseters. Start palpating and feeling for the size of the masseters to understand how much force these patients can generate! If you want to learn more, join the Facebook Group: Protrusive Dental Community because I’ll be doing a little blog post on that about the significance of masseter size on Occlusal risk.

Highlights of this episode:

  • 2:50 Checking Masseters and Temporalis
  • 13:34 Dr. Sheila’s journey in managing TMD pain patients
  • 16:13 Ideal case selection for Botox regarding TMD
  • 21:15 Botox as a standalone vs Botox as an adjunct to splint therapy
  • 24:26 Patient communication about the frequency of Botox treatment
  • 26:39 Place of Botox for myofascial pain patients
  • 30:01 Additional indemnity for GDPs in doing Botox
  • 33:31 Functional Perspective of Botox
  • 34:47 Success rates in using Botox for TMD pain management
  • 39:53 Experience of having Botox
  • 41:55 Long-term side effects of Botox

Learn more about Botox with Dr. Sheila Li on her functional toxin course just for dentists to treat functional elements! 

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