Hi there! My name is Jaz Gulati and I started the Protrusive Dental Podcast at the end of 2018.

It’s a funny story as to why I started the show. After working as a Dentist in Singapore and returning back to the UK, I found myself on the phone to a different Dentist every week (Dentists I had never met before) who were considering moving to Singapore. Whilst I enjoyed helping these Dentists, I started to repeat the same messages to each person over and over again.

“I wish there was a way to record a voice message with all the facts that will help these Dentists…”

After a fair bit of research over Christmas break 2018, Protrusive Dental Podcast was born with Episode 1 – Expat Dentist in Singapore!

The Podcast has evolved a lot since Episode 1 – It has become very clinically focused and I have had some phenomenal guests of the calibre I never even imagined when I set this up!

Thank you to all those who sent positive messages to keep the podcast going. Truth is, I really love making them and sharing my passion for Dentistry.

About Me

Jaz Gulati BDS (Hons.) MFDS (Glas) PgCert (DentEd) PgDip (Orthodontics)

My name is Jasneet (Jaz) Gulati and I am a general dental practitioner in Reading and Richmond (West London).

Qualified from Sheffield 2013 with BDS (Hons.) and Distinction in Clinical Exams.

Previously worked in London (DCT1 Oral Surgery and Restorative) , Sheffield (DCT2 Restorative), Singapore (Private Practice).

Manchester United Fan.

Forever a student.

Any comments, suggestions, invitations and ramblings welcome – get in touch!

If you are a patient of mine (or a Dentist that wants to stalk my portfolio!) then please visit my Dentist page.