In this interview I discuss with Harmeet Grewal about Rubber Dam Isolation:

  • How to get started with rubber dam isolation
  • We discuss our undergraduate experience of rubber dam isolation
  • How rubber dam reduces stress and improves the quality of your work
  • Reduce ballistic droplet spread of viruses AKA the cough
  • How to talk to patients about rubber dam – your mindset about rubber dam will affect your success rate and the patient experience of rubber dam!
  • Are we rubber dam police? NO – sometimes rubber dam can be a hindrance!
  • Me and Harmeet both love the mantra: Start now, get perfect later!
  • Which rubber dam to use?
  • Our views on IsoVac vs Rubber Dam
  • Harmeet shows some useful clamps for molars and top hacks for Rubber Dam

Check out Harmeet on Instagram @dr_harmeet_grewal

Hosted by
Jaz Gulati
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