Philosophy of Functional Occlusion with Riaz Yar – PDP066

Canine guidance is overrated. Read that again. Crazy, I know. In this episode, one of my mentors Dr Riaz Yar explains the rationale of a functional occlusion whereby the pillars are the central incisor and the first molar.

Dr Riaz Yar is SUCH a good Educator

I found some similarities to the Posterior Guided Occlusion (click to listen to the episodes by Dr Andy Toy) in that we place too much emphasis on canine guidance.

Protrusive Dental Pearl:

There is no joy in mediocre Dentistry

Dr John Kois

I hope you find this episode stimulating – and if you are a true protruserati, you will be grateful for another point of view AND NOT be upset that we all can’t agree with each other, haha!

Stay tuned for STRAIGHTPRIL!

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Jaz Gulati

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