Posterior Guided Occlusion Part 1 – PDP031

Do you worship canine guidance?

I think I went through a phase where I placed a very high importance on the presence or absence of canine guidance. I then got thinking…how and why are my patients with AOBs doing just fine? Why is it that some studies suggest that only 5% of the population has canine guidance, and others suggest up to 60%? Is group function really the villain?

This is why I am open to listening to theories that explain this. Posterior Guided Occlusion is one such theory. I am joined by Dr Andy Toy to explore PGO concepts I wanted to delve deep in to PGO – so we split this episode in to 2 parts.

What we cover in this episode:

  • We hear Andy Toy’s stories
  • How did he get in to ‘Posterior Guided Occlusion’, clear aligners and treating TMD?
  • The journey that took him to Pankey
  • The story of how Andy met Ron Presswood and the influence that he had in his views on Occlusion
  • What is patient driven splint adjustment?
  • Why was Andy getting good results with PGO splints, just as he did with traditional tanner appliances?
  • Why are we trying to switch muscles off, but Andy is trying to switch them ‘on’!?
  • The surprising origins of Bonwill’s Triangle
  • What is a functional occlusion?
  • Realising that the the quality of the evidence in Occlusion is poor

Link to Dr Andy Toy’s eBook on PGO

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Hosted by
Jaz Gulati

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