‘Which Dental Camera Should I Buy’? – GF006

This is THE most common question I get – ‘Jaz, can you just tell me which camera to buy for dental photography, I am so confused!’

I’m no mug when it comes to Dental photography, but I wanted to get a real expert to help answer this important question. I present to you Alessandro Devigus from Switzerland who owns the @dentist.camera Instagram page (which I love).

I was shocked that he recommended a Mirrorless set up – but I totally understand his rationale. Here are the links to the products he mentions:

Budget Setup

Nikon Z50 Mirrorless Camera Body – ensure the kit comes with a FTZ Nikon adaptor so it works with the lens

Nikon 85mm Macro Dx Lens

Mieke Ring Flash for Nikon

Budget setup for excellent Dental Photography

The ‘Posh’ Setup

A Canon or Nikon Full Frame camera, with a 100mm macro lens and 2 x flashes mounted on a bracket – pick your favourite brand eg Nikon or Canon. It’s all good!

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