Not Your Average Young Dentist Journey – PDP036

In this episode we listen to Alan’s story. His name is Alan Burgin and he’s also known as The Cornish Dentist on Instagram.

His story involves themes of mentorship, challenges, overcoming adversity, gaining a work life balance, (so actually going abroad to Australia for six months)….I don’t give too much of the story away, but it involves so many real-world themes. And actually, it also involves a bit of luck and something that we touched on in Episode 34 with Richard Porter on emotional intelligence was the element of luck in your career trajectory is actually very important.

The Protrusive Dental Pearl is about how to make cementing crowns less messy using Vaseline!

I hope you enjoy listening to our reflective chat! NEXT MONTH will be Splintember! I will cover all things dental splints to simplify this confusing area of Dentistry.

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