‘I don’t like my Veneers anymore’ – GF005

You place some veneers and your patient leaves in tears of joy. Imagine getting a letter a few weeks later to tell you that the patient now HATES her veneers and would like a full refund. That is soul destroying stuff, and it’s NOT about the money!

Dr Rhode to the Rescue!

Within the context of this specific scenario where 6 veneers were placed, we discuss:

A. How this could have been prevented

B. How to handle the veneers that are ‘bulky at the gumline’

C. How to handle this refund request…!

I want to thank Dr Manrina Rhode for yet again adding so much value for the Protruserati

You can check out her course on Designing Smiles website

If you liked her episode and want a full hour of Veneers from preps to Temps, check out Everything Veneers with Manrina Rhode

Hosted by
Jaz Gulati

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