Why do some Dentists find Dahl Distasteful? – PDP016

I am joined in this 2 part Episode by Dr Tif Qureshi, the undisputed ‘King of ABB’ (Align, Bleach, Bond).

We really and truly geek out over the Dahl Technique over the 2 episodes. There were just WAY too many gems to cram in to one episode, and not all of it was about Dahl!

This episode (Episode 16) focuses on:

  • The prestigious award that Dr Qureshi recently won
  • Importance of long term follow ups for your learning as a Dentist
  • Why you should not chase the big ticket treatment
  • An interesting reason why Tif is not chasing new patients
  • Are young associates moving job positions too frequently?
  • Why the patients that are referred to you are special
  • The Dahl Technique as an interceptive treatment modality
  • Who is the ideal patient for the Composite Dahl Technique?
  • Would you ever do the Dahl technique straight to Ceramic?
  • At what point does a Toothwear case become a Full Mouth Rehab instead?
  • What is the maximum recommended amount of anterior toothwear you should restore predictably with Dahl?
  • How Tif uses Dahl principles to approach a Full Mouth Rehabilitation

The next episode will be more focused on the clinical side of the Dahl technique.

I promised you a good resource where you can read in-depth about the Dahl technique – as in this episode I assumed you had a basic grasp:

BDJ Article about Dahl Technique

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UPDATE: Dr Michael Melkers Occlusion Course has been moved to November 27th and 28th 2020!

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