Why and how you need to Improve your Tooth Morphology – PDP046

We think we know what a tooth looks like….but most of the restorations that we see on a daily basis…how many of them have truly natural or morphologically correct tooth anatomy?

I am joined by Dr Jurgita Sybaite who is the undisputed Queen of Tooth Anatomy! (Full video on main website) She works with Dr Basil Mizrahi and is passionate about Restorative Dentistry.

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The Protrusive Dental Pearl for this episode is to use a Thermacut bur (by Dentsply) to remove the interdental papilla when managing very deep, subgingival caries – an example case was posted on Instagram and Facebook for you to see how this works.

What does Brad Pitt have to do with Tooth Morphology?!
  • The three steps to learning and mastering anatomy: learn, draw, sculpt!
  • What if you cannot draw?
  • What tips would you give to anyone to improve their morphology (anterior and / or posterior)
  • I play devil’s advocate – is knowing anatomy THAT important now with digital wax ups and tooth libraries? Should we really invest our valuable time with Tooth Morphology?
  • Which is the best way to learn, additive or reductive? Wax? Soap bar?
  • Do we need to master tooth anatomy if we are not a ‘cosmetic dentist’?

Do check out Jurgita’s Instagram profile to see clips of her producing stunning anatomy! She also is a prominent teacher in this field – check out her website!

Do we need to learn Tooth Morphology that well? Now we have Digital Tooth Libraries…? See what Jurgita has to say

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Hosted by
Jaz Gulati

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