TMJ Physiotherapy – When to Refer and How They can Help – PDP063

When it comes to the management of Temporo-manidbular Joint Disorders, we often NEED to adopt a multidisciplinary approach. I am a strong advocate of Dentists involving TMJ Physiotherapists (yes, they exist!) to help their patients. In this episode I am joined by The TMJ Physio Krina Panchal!

TMJ Physios are invaluable in the multidisciplinary management of TMDs

Interestingly enough, Physiotherapists in the UK do not cover the TMJ in their studies – it is a postgraduate niche that Krina has travelled the world to learn – which is why I respect her even more!

Protrusive Dental Pearl – have you checked out the ‘Bruxchecker’ foil as a tool to help diagnosis of Bruxism and much more? I comprehensively reviewed this product and thought it was very clever!

In this episode I ask Krina:

  • Whats the evidence that Physiotherapists can help our TMD patients?
  • What does she think is the biggest aetiological factor for TMD?
  • What is the most common diagnosis she makes, and what is her management of that diagnosis
  • What should a Dentist do if, after a long procedure, the patient gets acute disc displacement without reduction?
  • What kind of cases should we be working with physios for?

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