Teeth Whitening Secrets for Success – PDP058

I am joined by a Dentist fellow podcaster himself, Dr Payman Langroudi, to help you improve your teeth whitening results right away!

Yes – that’s a fluorosis case I treated in the thumbnail!

Protrusive Dental Pearl: Using the patients’ aligners as a whitening tray – and better yet, the use of Vivera retainers and Enlighten whitening to Guarantee B1 shade!

Are all whitening gels the same?

In this energetic and conversational (yet educational!) episode, we discuss:

  • Light based systems – surely it’s all BS?
  • OTC products? Is there a dark horse?
  • Why and HOW to do more whitening cases (simple but effective!)
  • Predictors of poor whitening response (watch out for these patients)
  • Why impressions are still better than scans
  • Whitening tray seal
  • The best way to improve sensitivity

If you enjoyed this episode and want more free training with Dr Langroudi, check out his free online training for Dentists

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Hosted by
Jaz Gulati

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