How to Save ‘Hopeless’ Teeth with the Surgical Extrusion Technique – PDP061

No Ferrule? No problem! Dr Peter Raftery, Endodontist, discusses the contemporary use of the ‘Surgical Extrusion Technique’ to make hopeless teeth restorable. Crazy, I know, so take a listen because the science makes sense!

All the way back in Episode 9 with Dr Aws Alani (Restorability with a Restorative Specialist) we briefly mentioned this technique in passing…which led to a cascade in events and Dr Raftery reached out to me with enthusiasm because I called out to the audience if they knew anyone using this technique! I love that!

Essentially you are (gently!) extracting a tooth and then intentionally re-implanting the tooth, except this time you are going to be a little greedy and ‘grab’ some ferrule. Then, a customary Root Canal Treatment 2 weeks afterwards, and you have yourself a restorable tooth. As someone who loves saving teeth, this is just fantastic. We know the science works because we DO re-implant dirty, grotty avulsed incisors of 12 year olds with some decent success rates.

Protrusive Dental Pearl: have you used Viscostat clear? It is my preferred astringent and will not interfere with bonding

  • How to restore teeth which appear to be restoratively hopeless aka no Ferrule
  • Compared to SCL or Ortho extrusion – could this be more cost effective and less invasive?
  • Surgical Extrusion technique – either with humble luxator or a posh Benex device

I will have to add the resources later – right now I am running late for work!

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