10 Habits of Highly Successful (and Most Valued) Dentists – PDP042

One night when Dr Rajiv Ruwala was up all night as his daughter would not sleep…he came up with a very inspired list…

He was interviewing Dentists for associate positions and asked himself, ‘What are the habits of the most successful and valued Dentists?’

He came up with this awesome list which we discuss point-by-point in this episode of the podcast:

Here are the 10 habits below:

  1. They can listen to the patients story and find a treatment to become a solution for the patient.

I asked Rajiv if he has any tips in encouraging patients to tell their story or their goal? They often do not offer this info up front.

  1. They are proactive in recommending treatment, not reactive.

I asked Rajiv to give a tangible example of being proactive. I also asked how to handle the situation when a proactive Dentist inherits the list of a reactive Dentist.

  1. They don’t get validation from how much patients pay them, but from how much the patient values what they have to say. If the patients value what the dentist has to say, they naturally accept the treatment.

How do we serve patients who do not value Dentistry?

  1. They work with their nurses to make sure everything is ready and set up before the patient enters the room.

The value of a great nurse is monumental – are you a checklist kinda guy? You may be surprised by the answer he gives…

  1. They do not moan about their working environment, the “system” or their staff, they help find solutions to problems and improve the situation.

I like this because I always like to approach people or managers with solutions not problems. Rajiv has lots of solutions to work effectively in the NHS.

  1. They are happy to refer out and develop a skill/niche that allows people to refer to them.

I have my views on this but how do you think one should find their niche? Rajiv gives his ideas.

  1. They don’t ask for something for nothing. Instead they build value before investing/ asking for investment.

This is massive. How can you build value in to the care you provide?

  1. They look to improve in three key areas; clinically, financially, and personal growth, and aren’t afraid to ask for help to do this.

Tell us how you, Rajiv, have looked to improve in those 3 domains for inspiration?

  1. They are not adversaries, they want to associate/collaborate.

I find most successful dentists are so willing to share and help!

  1. They take adequate time off to be fully charged/energised.

How much time off do you recommend, or is it personal?
How about 10,000 rule when you are newly qualified?

Rajiv talked about courses for communication which also features making the NHS system work, rather than moaning about it! You can find out more about that here:

Course for Associates – PYP course

Course for Principals – KYN course

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