Dentistry is STRESSFUL – this Podcast will help you – PDP065

I gave Manuela Rodrigues one task: to reduce the stress levels of Dentists and the Dental team who listen to this episode.

With Mindful.Dentistry Manuela

I know what you’re thinking…the whole positive mental attitude thing goes straight out of the window when a file has separated or the palatal root of the upper molar has been swallowed by the sinus.

This is why I wanted Manuela to make this a highly relevant to the daily stressful scenarios we face. How can we make our profession less stressful, Manuela?!

I pitched to her 3 different scenarios:

  1. When things are just not going right at work – think of TOUGH treatments/patients
  2. Litigation. Having a case over your head is one of the most stressful, gut-wrenching, confidence-destroying experiences a Dentist can have.
  3. Running late. I am SOOOO guilty of this and is the number 1 daily cause of stress for me!

As Manuela promised, you can get 25% off her Mindfulness in Dentistry training by using the code ‘protrusive’

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