Is Single Point Obturation Acceptable? – GF004

How do you obturate yours? When I have had the equipment (and training) I have used warm vertical compaction – no doubt that IS the gold standard. However, what is the humble GDP using all over the world? I would argue that not only are we using cold lateral compaction with sealer, but in many cases, we are sticking a big, fat, tapered GP cone in the canal with a splodge of sealer around it. Is that legit?

The million dollar endodontic question that no one asks!

Obviously the landscape is changing with the popularity of bioceramic sealers in Endodontics – I use this time to ask Dr Ammar Al-Hourani about this too.

Is single point obturation cheating?

Should GDPs start using bioceramic sealers?

Does it even matter?

I hope you enjoy this group function – you can follow Dr Al-Hourani on Instagram via @theendoguys

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