I am joined in this episode of Protrusive Dental Podcast by the likes of Harjot Bansal, Mahul Patel, Dhru Shah, Catherine Tannahill, Lourens Bester, Kiran Juj and Sunny Luthra.

Yes, that’s an awful lot of guests!

It HAD to be done to help answer such a monumental question that crosses every Dentists’ mind: Should you specialise?

My main guest, Harjot Bansal, is studying his MClinDent in Prosthodontics at The Eastman (London). He is always happy to help and his instagram is @harjsb

Protrusive Dental Pearl: Show your human side! This will help calm your patients down and create rapport.

Here is the photo, as discussed in the podcast, I have in my surgery which has been eye-opening:

Dental Elective April 2012, 1 hour from Da Nang

Here is what we discuss in this episode:

  • Why specialise?
  • The true cost of specialising – think loss of earnings!
  • Financial planning for specialising
  • How to know which speciality is right for you? Endodontics? Perio? Prostho? Ortho?
  • Can you be fulfilled and skilled as a General Dentist?
  • Is it right for you?

A massive thank you to all my guests on the show!

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Jaz Gulati
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