Shell Temporary Crowns with Basil Mizrahi – PDP122

Let’s demystify what is often considered an ‘advanced’ Restorative technique: Shell crowns. My guest Dr. Basil Mizrahi is known for Comprehensive Dentistry and teaches Dentists the art of perfect provisionals- we go from A to Z of Shell Crown, how to reline them and cover all the nitty gritty details of this useful technique.

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Protrusive Dental Pearl: Preventing Bisacryl Temporary Crowns from cracking: Hollow out the inside of the temporary crown (just enough space for the cement) and therefore create the space for the temporary cement to flow and exit, preventing cracking of the temporary crown. Check out @Dental.Story IG page

“You should become familiar with acrylic before shell crowns” Dr. Basil Mizrahi

Highlights of this episode:

  • Preventing Bisacryl Temporary Crowns from cracking 5:35
  • Temporary Crowns 12:08
  • What is a Shell Crown? 13:59
  • Technician role in creating Shell Crowns 15:22
  • Acrylic Shells vs Bis-acryl Temporaries 20:07
  • ‘Relining’ an Acrylic Temporary Shell  21:20
  • Using Bisacryl instead of Acrylic inside a Shell 24:14
  • Relining Acrylic Shell with Fresh Acrylic 25:00
  • Use of Vaseline? 35:41
  • ‘Fit Checker’ for shell crowns 38:26
  • Anterior vs Posterior relining 39:23
  • Shell Crowns vs Lab Made Acrylic Crowns 40:19
  • Shade decisions in relining the shells 42:47
  • How to Remove shell crowns 44:08
  • Polishing after relining 45:59
  • Multiple Shells at increased OVD 46:49

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To learn more about it, check out Dr. Basil’s Courses and other wonderful stuff on his website!

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Jaz Gulati

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