This episode aims to navigate the Dentist around the complicated world of Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE). I literally start from the basics and we build up – hope this helps!

  • What is a Fit test vs Fit check
  • Who should be paying for the FFP masks?! Associates?!
  • Oops I failed my fit test – what now?
  • Should we just drop FFP2/FFP3 and just use re-usable RPE that is way more cost effective?
  • UDCs are reportedly keeping the same FFP3 mask on for several patients (1 per session) with a surgical mask on top – if they are getting away with it, can we do it in practice to save money?
  • Does FFP2 NEED to be fit tested? Can you get away without one if you compensate with a face shield?
  • What’s the difference between FFP2 and FFP3?
  • What does a FFP even mean?
  • Should you be stocking up now?
  • Watch out for the fakes!
  • Will there be a phased return or ‘chaotic return’?
  • If I am antibody positive, do I need to bother with all this?
  • DO we need more fit testers? How to get involved?
  • How are we going to meet the healthcare demand of fit testing?
  • When do you think I’ll get to place composites again?!
Hosted by
Jaz Gulati

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Episode 34