Retention Protocols with an Orthodontist [STRAIGHTPRIL] – PDP069

Our views on Retention have changed over the decades – it is now regarded as a lifetime commitment and Dentist are getting good at letting patients know this from the start. In this episode, I ask Dr Angela Auluck questions from the Protrusive Dental Community as well as talking clinical steps of fiddly fixed retainers.

Dr Angela on Orthodontic Retention Protocols

Protrusive Pearl: The Harridine paper helping to explain that wisdom teeth likely do not cause lower incisor crowding.

In this episode we discussed:

  • Fixed retention vs Removable Retention
  • Why retention is individual to every patient
  • Tips on placing Fixed retainers correctly
  • What is the best retention on expansion cases?
  • When should you consider a Hawley Retainer?

I hope you are enjoying the Straightpril series of episodes! If you liked this episode, you will also enjoy Dahl Technique Part 2 with Tif Qureshi!

Hosted by
Jaz Gulati

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