Record Keeping and Emotional Intelligence – PDP112

You will LOVE this series with Protrusive Colonel Dr. Zak Kara and Dr. Shaun Sellars who has an interest in law and ethics and is also the host of the INCISIVE DECISIVE Podcast. This is an episode you DON’T want to miss. Get ready for some fun and engaging conversation about record keeping (is that even possible?!), emotional intelligence, and some of your most requested topics like how we can build better rapport with different patients.

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Protrusive Dental Pearl: One great way to build rapport with your patients is to write down on your note-taking software. That way you can re-read and remember even the fine details of your patients.

“So you’re never going to get in trouble for customizing your notes, the time you’re going to get in trouble is by using templates and forgetting to take bits out.” Dr. Shaun Sellars

In this episode we asked Dr. Sellars:

  • How can emotional intelligence constitutes success in dentistry? 13:36
  • How to connect to more people? 23:56
  • How to make appropriate and good record keeping? 31:40
  • Kiroku vs Custom Screens for note taking 35:14
  • Dr. Shaun and Zak’s protocol in making a good record keeping and explaining to patients 39:09

Check out this voice or video communication tool called LOOM which I usually use in creating comprehensive treatment plans via video in order to save time!

You can choose Voice or Video

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Jaz Gulati

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