Posterior Guided Occlusion Part 2 – PDP032

I left you on a bit of a cliffhanger last episode – but now you can finish off Andy’s ‘origin story’ of Posterior Guided Occlusion (PGO) and understand how this is practically implemented on patients.

If you missed Part 1 and the ebook by Dr Andy Toy, check it out.

The Protrusive Dental Pearl for this episode is continuing on the theme of Dental Photography I have been posting about on my Instagram. When taking portrait photos for your patients with a ring flash, point the ring flash at the ceiling, rather than at the patient’s face. This creates a softer, nicer image!

If you missed out on my Butterfly Effect webinar, you can now check it out on www.protrusive.co.uk/butterfly – it’s about how seemingly small events in your career can compound and change the entire trajectory of your dental career.

I added a new book to the book list – the Danish Way of Parenting!

In this episode we discuss:

  • Structural school of thought vs Functional school of thought
  • The relationship between the condylar movement and the teeth
  • The mathematical equation that is evidence for PGO
  • I ask Andy questions to test PGO
  • What does he mean by functional contacts?
  • What is the healthy clench?
  • We debate anterior guides vs posterior guides
  • How does this apply to the patient with large masseter muscles who keeps breaking cusps?
  • How many ‘centrums’ are enough?
  • What Andy is prescribing in Clinchecks for the posterior occlusion
  • How to finish the occlusion on an orthodontic case – and how Andy makes this ‘patient driven’
  • How Andy finishes 60% of his Invisalign cases with a ‘Dahl appliance’
  • Is Centric relation important to achieve?
  • Andy tells us the birth of Canine Guidance
Hosted by
Jaz Gulati

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