Paediatric Dentistry Masterclass – Clinical Part 2 – PDP024

Following on from the hugely successful Part 1 with Dr Libi – we present a very clinically focussed Part 2 where we discuss:

  • A case of a deep cavity on a deciduous molar – how would YOU treat it?
  • Stainless steel crowns and Hall crowns – lots of troubleshooting
  • Brilliant analogies and communication pearls yet again
  • LA vs No LA when treating Children?
  • Management of Molar Incisor Hypo-mineralisation (MIH) in primary care
  • When should you refer?

Downloadables for watchers/listeners in Protrusive Dental Community FB group:

  • Guide to Hall crowns [PDF]
  • Paeds Blog [Link]
  • SDCEP guidelines [PDF]

If you missed Part 1 – do check it out on YouTube, on the podcast, or on this site.

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Hosted by
Jaz Gulati
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