GDP Alignment vs Specialist Orthodontics [STRAIGHTPRIL] – PDP068

How does Orthodontist Mandeep Gosal feel about GDP ‘Alignment Only Orthodontics’ – in this hilarious episode (where I compared Orthodontists to builders) Mandeep ‘Gos’ shares his thought provoking views on how Orthodontics should be carried out (and how it shouldn’t!)

This episode will be ‘unlisted’ on YouTube so it cannot be searched. For lots of reasons.

Protrusive Dental Pearl: For better portrait photos (Extra-oral) – point the ring flash to the ceiling! I use F8.0, ISO 800 with my Canon 60D body, 100mm lens and Canon Ring flash. This is the difference in lighting compared to point the ring flash at the face:

One of the best bits from this episode I thought was Gos’ description of the 3 types of consent being carried out for Orthodontics. Which one did you identify with?

If you enjoyed Mandeep Gosal’s style of teaching, do check out his Orthodontic course for GDPs.

If you enjoyed this episode, you will also like 5 Lessons from Lincoln Harris where we also discuss consent in Dentistry.

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Jaz Gulati
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