How to Pass the Dental ORE Exam UK – PDP060

The ORE exam to practice Dentistry in the UK is not easy – listen to Yazan Duedari’s top tips to pass this gruelling 2-part exam and find out what the ORE Exam has in common with a Beyoncé concert!

Dr Yazan Douedari gives away all the secrets!

Dr Yazan Douedari reached out to me as he was a student of the Resin Bonded Bridges Masterclass. I loved connecting with Yazan. He had so much in common (we are both Refugee’s who came to the UK and are grateful for the opportunities) and listening to his hardships and struggles with the ORE process and how he triumphantly overcame it was very inspirational.

There is so much hardship and sacrifice associated with the ORE Parts 1 and 2 – imagine having no income, studying several hours per day and supporting a family at the same time. To top it all off, even once you PASS the ORE Part 2 – how will you find a job?

Don’t stress – it will not help you!

Yazan shares everything:

  • Step by Step application process
  • How to get your GDC paperwork in order
  • How long to study for each part of the ORE
  • Revision tips
  • How much does the ORE UK process end up costing you?
  • How he failed Part 2
  • How he overcame Part 2!
  • How he found a job in Private Practice

I am so grateful to Yazan who shared his successes and failures in such a humble fashion.

He also shared some good ORE resources:

ORE Part 1 Facebook Group

ORE Part 2 Groups:





Companies to buy materials and equipment from:


Some thoughts from Yazan on MFDS Exam – is it worth it?:

Actually, I wanted to mention MFDS & MJDF during the episode saying it would be good for those doing ORE to do one of these exams DURING their ORE journey (not after) as there are a lot of similarities and require minimum extra preparation. I have done MJDF while I was doing my ORE, I prepared for 1 week for part 1 and 5 days for part 2 and was able to pass from the first time. The drawback is that you need to spend extra money on exam costs (around £1000), but the benefit that you get a diploma degree with a few extra days of preparation. 

Now to answer your question, MFDS/MJDF do not add much (or anything!) to your information or skills if you’re doing ORE. The only benefit is to improve your CV generally and esp if you are considering applying for further education degrees in the future, it ould be an asset. Additionally, in my case, my dentistry CV was very weak, so I felt having this extra degree in my CV would help me get a job and would give me some advantage over others. 

Yazan on MFDS Exam

Some thoughts from Yazan on the LDS Exam vs ORE Exam:

One last thing I just remembered and I think it would be useful to mention in the episode is LDS, which is another exam one can take to be able to work in the UK. It is almost identical to ORE, however, it is less frequent (part 1 once a year, part 2 twice a year) and considered slightly easier than ORE, esp part 2.

Dr Yazan

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