Can Occlusion Cause Perio? – What Do We Know? – PDP047

Periodontology has some good studies and evidence base – but what is the current thinking in the role of occlusion/parafunction in the aetiology and progress of periodontal diseases?

I am joined by Specialist Periodontist, London-based Dr Richard Horwitz to discuss exactly the correlation and link between occlusion and periodontitis.

Are those with Anterior Open Bites more likely get to get Perio? Full video episode out soon.

This episode’s Protrusive Dental Pearl I picked up from Dr Dipesh Parmar on his fantastic Composite course Mini Smile Makeover – it is to use a sectional posterior matrix band (like the B100 from Garrison or Tor VM) in a vertical fashion to create perfect mesial and distal contours for your anterior composite restorations such as Class IVs.

Maestro Dipesh Parmar teaching Composites

I also revealed that the team at Doctify are offering all listeners to this podcast 50% off for the first 4 months – you just need to tell them you listen to Protrusive Dental Podcast.

Full video episode with Richard’s cases – only on the website and on Dentinal Tubules

I had a really fun chat with Richard which included so much:

  • When and why would you consider occlusal adjustment/equilibration in a periodontally compromised patient, perhaps to reduce occlusal trauma?
  • Can Periodontal splinting help in these parafunctional patients?
  • How can you check for fremitus?
  • What role can appliances have in the stabilised periodontal patient?
  • Listen to how I ruined Richard’s canine guidance!

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Hosted by
Jaz Gulati

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