Myth Busting Occlusion and TMJ – PDP022

I recorded this a few weeks ago and recently finished editing it (always enjoy chatting with Barry G) – I was pretty much ‘shy’ and dare I say ’embarassed’ to post this/make it public because in the grand scheme of things, our world is being rocked by Covid-19 at the moment and we have so much to worry about…

But then two people independently sent me a photo on Instagram of them at home watching my YouTube/IGTV interviews I posted recently telling me they are learning so much from the guests on Protrusive.

If this video or any of my content can get you to chill on your sofa and learn while you #stayathome – then that would be awesome.

Sending my best wishes to all – stay home as much as reasonably possible 🙏🏼
I hope all this will reunite our profession.

In this episode:

– Jaz shares a Parable of the 12 Blind Men relevant to TMD and makes a mess of it!
– We discuss if the role of teeth/occlusion/malocclusion/Restorative really has a role to play in TMD/pain?
– What is macro trauma and micro trauma, and how is it relevant to TMJ pathology?
– What is Barry’s message? What does he mean by ‘Occlusion does not matter unless you’re occluding?’
– Why MIP is pathalogical
– We discuss Confirmation bias in Dentistry
– Can we reliably stop parafunction?
– What adjunctive support therapies are prescribed for complex oro-facial pain patients?
– Can you use an AMPSA with a patient with Degenerative Joint Disease?
– The first 20mm of opening is pure condylar RO- NOT! It’s not pure rotation!
– What is an Enthesis and why is that relevant?
– Can you give an anterior only appliance to someone with clicking?
– Why might a patient say their click has now stopped?

YouTube Link: www.jaz.dental/YouTube

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Jaz Gulati
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