Money – 5 reflections to help you get started with Investing – PDP044

I am joined by a young Dentist, James Martin, who started a really cool Facebook group called Dentists Who Invest. Well, if there is a group dedicated to Dentists who own Air fryers, then James’ group definitely has a need!

The advice we share on this podcast is aimed at Dentists who have no clue about Investing. Forget dental school, but even in our general education we are not taught personal finance and investments.

Protrusive Dental Pearl: have you been a victim to ‘lifestyle creep’? This is when your income increases, your lifestyle and expenditure also increases. This is all good and well, but it is so important to watch your savings rate (how much money you save).

Here are the 5 topics we cover in this episode aiming to improve your financial literacy:

1) How to get started with Investing?
We share our individual journeys. His involves cryptocurrency, and mine involves accidentally stumbling upon Tony Robbins’ book about financial freedom!

2) DIY vs Financial Advisor/Investment Broker. The Pros and Cons of doing it yourself vs picking a portfolio with an investments company

3) What is the best investment? Stocks? Real Estate? Cryptocurrency? Bank accounts?

4) WHEN should you start investing?

5) What other piece of advice do you give for Dentists looking to invest?

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Jaz Gulati
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