Interference Cast 001 – Protocols and Philosophies

In this mini episode (interference cast – see what I did there?), I discuss about key lessons in protocols and philosophies I have learned from 3 awesome Dentists: Prof Nicolas Martin, Dr Rajiv Ruwala and Dr Jerry Lim.

Full episode also transcribed and on Video to watch, including my IGTV.

Take home points:

  • Have protocols in place in Clinical Dentistry so that your workflow becomes predictable
  • Train your staff well and make them familiar with your systems and protocols
  • Have a Philosophy for Occlusion – does not matter if it is Spear, Dawson, Kois, Pankey, Neuromuscular or whatever! Have A philosophy
  • Go all in – immerse yourself deep with knowledge, we owe it to our patients!
Hosted by
Jaz Gulati

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