Recommended CPD

One of the best things I did was to get involved with Dentinal Tubules.

Tubules is more than just your average CPD website – it is a family.

Dhru Shah, the founder, has worked tirelessly to expand Tubules in to a globally leading educational resource. At the core are the study clubs.

I am a co-director of the West London study club. Study clubs are a great way to network with local dentists on a monthly basis and share knowledge, cases and experiences. It has helped me grow massively as a clinician.

Our Tubules Singapore Study Club in full flow

If you are not already a Tubulite, what are you waiting for? There are lots of Study clubs around the world, and world class educational content hosted on the website itself.

Tubules membership costs a fraction of the cost a normal one day dental course and is therefore amazing value for money.

Other sources of great quality and value CPD I subscribe to are:

My online Resin Bonded Bridges masterclass:

“It is so comprehensive and easy to follow it is insane, and also feels as satisfying as a face to face course.”