Fair Usage Policy for Protrusive Courses

I am super proud of the courses I have created for Dentists and I love hearing the comments of how it has changed the practice and confidence of Dentists all over the world.

I am confident that you will love the course – however, if you do not fall in love with the course and do not find if valuable to you, I will happily refund you the full amount if you apply within 30 days of course access.

However, if there is any evidence of foul play, that will null your guarantee. Foul play includes:

  • Downloading the course videos to watch in the future, but still apply for the money back (ie. scamming course creators)
  • Unauthorised re-distribution of the copyrighted educational content
  • Not working through the content and not giving the course a chance

I have good faith in our profession but there can be a few bad seeds – if you’re that bad seed who wants to join a course to take advantage, look elsewhere!

Finally, if you apply for a refund for any of my courses or subscriptions, once honoured you will disqualify yourself from any other money-back guarantees that I offer.