Last week it was International Women’s Day, which makes me especially proud to share this absolute clinical blockbuster with one of the most inspirational Women in Dentistry – Dr Manrina Rhode.

In this very clinical episode of PDP, she teaches us about Veneers – she has been placing them for several years and has developed awesome systems in her practice for this.

Full Video version on YouTube or IGTV @jazzygulati

The Protrusive Dental Pearl in this Episode is a Communication one! Let me know what you think.

We discuss:

  • Manrina’s journey with cosmetic Dentistry and veneers – how did she get the exposure early on in her career?
  • Ceramic vs composite veneers – composite has lifted off last few years, what has been your experience?
  • What percentage of her patients have pre-restorative orthodontics?
  • Which burs does she use for her preps? (Bur codes listed on Protrusive Dental Community: www.facebook.com/groups/protrusive/ )
  • What prep protocols does she use? What kind of stents?
  • How do you communicate shade with lab and the patient?
  • Does Manrina follow an ‘Occlusal Philosophy’ to ensure (para)functional longevity of her veneers?
  • How do you manage patients with ultra-high expectations?
  • How she uses Photoshop to show patient possibilities with their own smile
  • Why awesome temporary/provisional veneers are so important
  • How does she fabricate good looking, long lasting provisional veneers?
  • What is her bonding protocol?
  • How does she reduce mistakes during a stressful bonding appointment? Hint: teamwork!
  • She gives a very good veneer bonding hack towards the end!

Instagram @DrManrinaRhode
Ask Dr Manrina every tuesday on @DrManrinaRhode in stories
Ask her your dental questions!

Her Veneer course (next cohort in June 2020) : https://designingsmiles.co.uk/

Bur codes listed on Protrusive Dental Community: www.facebook.com/groups/protrusive/
Or pasted here:

Bur Kit

Dental Directory

Mandril KTM010
Mandril K5F009

582 (red mosquito) BD582F


6844.314.014 (red/green prep bur)

379EF.314.023 (rugby ball shaped yellow bur)

856EF.314.012 (yellow polishing)

834.314.021 (depth cutters)

(Thank you for selflessly sharing these, Manrina!)

Hosted by
Jaz Gulati
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