How to Win at Life and Succeed in Dentistry – Emotional Intelligence – PDP034

If there is one piece of content I produce in my LIFE which I think MAY have a massive impact on your life – it might not get much bigger than this one right here!

I will put the video up shortly, but you can catch it on Facebook premiere tonight at 8pm on Protrusive Dental Podcast Facebook Page. Video:

Do your grades at dental school influence your success as a Dentist?
Is your IQ important?

I would be surprised if any of you answered ‘yes’ for these questions.

So what do Richard Porter and I believe is the most important predictor of success in your life, relationships and work?

Two words: Emotional Intelligence.

Find a quiet place, close your eyes* and take a dive in to the world of Emotional Intelligence as applied to Dentistry:

*not while driving!!

We discuss:

  • How important is luck in your life and career
  • What is emotional intelligence and what tangible examples can Richard provide relevant to Dentistry?
  • Why does high emotional intelligence mean more ‘successful’ and even higher earning Dentists?
  • Are you born with Emotional Intelligence, or can you improve your EQ?
  • Why is Emotional Intelligence important for Dentists, Dental Therapists and the entire dental team?
  • How can you find out your level of EI? Richard suggested The Big 5 Ocean Assessment – such as understandmyself.com

Resources as promised:

Harvard Happiness Study
Dunedin study

Learn with Richard Porter and Aspire

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