eMax Onlays and Vertipreps – PDP019

In this mammoth episode (boy, it’s a long one but I hope you like it!) we have the legend that is Dr Jason Smithson.

If you are a Dentist and have not heard of Jason Smithson, you have been living under a rock!

The calibre of cases that Jason posts on Social media and lectures is always unbelievable and we as a profession learn a lot from from him, as well as the courses he runs. I went on his Onlays and Veneers course about 4 years ago and I was really engaged throughout the entire 2 days.

We will be talking all thinks eMax onlays and vertical preparations.

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First half we discuss all about lithium disilicate onlays including:

  • Indications and contraindications
  • When an onlay really should be a crown
  • Thickness of eMax
  • Why flat top onlays are not recommended
  • How thin can we go if on virgin enamel? (Think of OVD increase cases)
  • IDS (Immediate Dentine Sealing) and and DME (Deep Margin Elevation

We also discussed Vertipreps in great detail!

  • What is “vertiptrep “or “vertical crowns”?
  • Why have they ‘suddenly’ become fashionable?
  • Tips for temporising for Vertis (see eggshell technique reference)
  • What to tell your technician
  • Trouble shooting Vertical crowns (overcoming friction!)

And we also discuss a gem right at the end about how I help to improve the longevity of my anterior work by a simple trick that takes 4 or 5 minutes with only with a disc….and Smithson agreed it is a good thing to do!

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