Elastics for Invisalign – The Long and Short of it [STRAIGHTPRIL] – PDP070

As you get more experienced with clear aligner therapy you learn a universal truth about those pesky lateral incisors that will refuse to extrude! I am joined by Dr Robin Bethell from Aligner Nation to help us learn more about the use of Elastics as auxiliaries for Clear Aligner protocols.

Dr Robin Bethell might surprise you!

Protrusive Dental Pearl: The Bethell IPR Technique! Click Here for the Video of how Dr Bethell uses the bur for IPR

Interestingly, Dr Robin Bethell has not used intermaxillary elastics for over 3 years. He primarily uses them for vertical movements. I personally have used them extruding lateral incisors, which works very well. Here is the video to share how to extrude lateral incisors with elastics:

1/8 inch and 3.5 Oz would be ideal

We also discussed:

  • Common causes of Posterior Open Bites during aligner treatment
  • How to manage Posterior Open Bites (the key is diagnosis)
  • The role elastics play in clear aligner treatment
  • Dr Bethell’s views on GDP Orthodontics

Here is the link to the evidence base Dr Bethell referred to

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