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Protrusive Dental Pearl:

Download my EXACT examination Custom Screen for free! (I had to move the link to the Facebook group where you fill find all the custom screens – wait for group approval)

Once you are in the group, this is the post with the download:

In this episode we cover:

  • Who can call themselves an ‘Expert’ and why it’s stupid
  • Who was Montgomery and why did they have such an impact on our profession?
  • Where do you draw the line in terms of ‘explain every single option’
  • If you feel uncomfortable treating this patient – how can you tell your patient?
  • Consent forms – are they really necessary?
  • What happens when a child attends with the father, not with the mother?
  • Under age Teeth Whitening – would you do it?
  • Do you always need a PA for extractions?
  • The GDC says you should make a recommendation – what happens when the patient says ‘No’ to the recommended treatment?

The over arching theme of this episode is the importance of building rapport with your patient!

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