A Story of Digital Occlusion – PDP057

Is it time to ditch the analogue occlusion tools like facebows in favour of Digital Dentistry workflows? In this special feature episode with Ian Buckle, we will explore the world of Digital Occlusion.

I was tempted to make this a 2 part, but the flow is too good.

Protruserati, get your onions ready for chopping (lots of them) – this is a behemoth episode!

We tackled a lot of key themes, include Specialising vs Private courses route (a common question I get sent by Dentists).

One of my fav quotes from this episode:
‘If you don’t have a clear goal, don’t be surprised if you end up somewhere you didnt expect’ – what we can learn from this is to MAKE a best guess!

I also mentioned how it was through Ian that I learned about the FACE Group (Roth) of Orthodontists. These are Orthodontists who are well versed in articulators, facebow, occlusion and ‘stable condylar position’ (or Centric Relation, to many!)

There are a good few gems in here about face scanning apps, use of photography, inciso-facial mock-ups, but my favourite gem I want to share on this blog is this:
If you record your bite registration AT the DESIRED vertical dimension, you will eliminate any errors in opening the bite on an articulator/digitally. You may need to read that again or listen to that part of the episode again. Once it sinks in, it can be a ‘ah-ha!’ moment.

If you want to find out more about future courses by Ian, check out his website.

The SplintCourse is just weeks away from the launch offer – have you signed up for the big update?

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Hosted by
Jaz Gulati

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