Got Your Back – Physios and Dentists – PDP025

I speak with a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist (Ben Pollock) and a Physio-turned-Dentist (Samuel Cope) about back pain and Dentistry – I was left SHOCKED about the relationship (or lack of!) between bad posture and having pain as a Dentist, Therapist or Nurse.

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  • How can we prevent back pain becoming a problem for our profession
  • Advice for dental professionals suffering from back pain
  • Will saddle chairs work? Does magnification really help your back? (this one was surprising, too…)
  • Back pain myths debunked – is there a role for massage? Pilates? Mobilisation and manipulation? Acupuncture?
  • How to know if your Physiotherapist is evidence based?
  • What can we do AT WORK to help our backs?
  • Are you moving around while doing your Dentistry? Shout out to @Ian Dunn at 34 minutes
  • Is stretching good for back pain?
  • What relation does stress have with your back?
  • I somehow manage to bring occlusion in this one…sorry not sorry!
  • We draw parallels between the Physio world and Dental world

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Twitter: @Toothphysio and @Ben_FYS

Instagram: thetoothphysio

If you are looking for an evidenced based physiotherapist in your local area then find followers of @MSK-Reform on twitter and see if any of them can help.

Message from Sam and Ben:

We will also be starting a novel neck and back pain musculoskeletal pain programme later on in the year that will be advertised through the Toothphysio on twitter and Instagram.

This will include dental specific:

· Education on prevention

· Management of neck and lower back pain

· How to manage colleagues with back and neck pain

· How to cope with acute back and neck pain and how to overcome it with pain relieving strategies

· Case studies

· Exercise class

The course will be run by Sam and Ben, two qualified musculoskeletal specialist physiotherapists who will guide participants though exercises and education.

Hosted by
Jaz Gulati

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