What Every Dentist Should Know About Managing Dental Anxiety – PDP050

When Mike Gow first told me that he helped place dental implants on patients WITHOUT local anaesthetic, I thought he was lying. Then I found out they have also done a sinus lift without LA…what?!

You read that correctly! Mike Gow has centred his practice around the management of nervous and anxious patients. Don’t you think we can learn so much about management of dental anxiety from someone who has achieved the above?

This is exactly why I brought him on as my guest of honour for Episode 50 (50 not out!) and you will love this, gem-packed podcast with valuable ways to help us become better Dentists to anxious patients.

Full episode with Dr Mike Gow only on Protrusive and Dentinal Tubules

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We discuss:

  • How and why he found himself in a situation to hypnotise patients and place implants without LA
  • Mythbusting about Inhalation Sedation
  • Top tips in making patient feels calm and cared for (gold)
  • Gow Gates vs Akinosi – which ID Block alternative is better?
  • How to have a thriving practice centered on anxious patients
  • The powerful secrets of managing dental anxiety
Inhalation Sedation is massively underutilised
Hypnosis is powerful!

Mike’s resources as promised:

ISDAM Website

ISDAM Facebook page

His practice, the Berkeley Clinic

And of course, Mike on the news!:

Dr Mike Gow also runs InterDental TV for the latest in Dentistry.

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Hosted by
Jaz Gulati

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