Dahl Technique and ‘Maryland Bridges’ – GF001

This is the very first Group Function and we are tackinling RBBs! I will take questions from the fellow Protruserati – I will use your help to come up with some helpful solutions.

TLDR: You can do Dahl RBBs, but it doesn’t always mean you should. A little prep of enamel will not be THAT detrimental for the tooth.

Thank you Aaron for helping this episode happen as our first question! It is about a technique dear to my heart – Resin Bonded Bridges!

Firstly, if you know nothing about the Dahl technique, you totally need to listen to the episodes with Tif Qureshi on Dahl Part 1 and Part 2.

It CAN be a good way to place Resin Bonded Bridges in a way to eliminate any preparation for the occlusal surface – in young patients it can be very successful.

However, it just seems a shame to prop someone’s bite open on just ONE tooth and allow what naysayers refer to as ‘unpredictable orthodontics’ to work it’s sweet magic.

I am totally fine with a little prep – staying in enamel (which is so key!) – every case is unique so treat on it’s merits. In a younger patient, I am more likely to consider that approach.

I hope this helps! If you find this useful – send it to a colleague.

I cover Dahl RBBs extensively in the Resin Bonded Bridges CPD Online Masterclass as well as Zirconia RBBs.

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