Dahl Part 2 (The Spicy Bit) – PDP017

Dr Tif Qureshi is back for Dahl Part 2!

We build on that awesome first episode (Episode 16) and discuss:

  • Contraindications of Dahl Technique
  • Maximising success
  • Uses of splints during Dahl Technique – is that even possible? What type? When?
  • Communicating with our patients
  • Assessing the Envelope of Function
  • What if Dahl fails?
  • Deprogramming prior to Dahl
  • What if the Dahl wears down years down the line – how to ‘recycle’ Dahl technique
  • Influence of Digital on Dahl technique?

On the show, I promised Tif I would share a full protocol case with him – you can see this on my Protrusive Facebook page here.


A £30 composite heater! This mug warmer looks really posh and can be used to heat composite and local anaesthetic.


Hosted by
Jaz Gulati

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