NITTY GRITTY Composite Techniques PART 2 – PDP120

Welcome to PART 2 of composite excellence with Dr. Javier Quirós where we cover the procedural details such as the interproximal management of composites and the prevention of stains.

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Protrusive Dental Pearl: There is a benefit of having nice tight contacts on our temporary crowns – but how can we polish our temporary crowns without ending up with open contacts? The trick is to get a Sharpie pen or indelible pencil and color in a small circle (maybe about two to three millimeters) mesial and distal of where the contact area is. Now finish and polish your temporary crown using burs/discs BUT do not touch that penciled mark. Ta da! You have just maintained the contact area. I know, why didn’t anyone tell you before?!

This episode is sponsored by Enlighten who are the sole distributors of Cosmedent Products who are the ones that sell  Casi 3C instrument. This is a non-stick instrument that provides a perfect curved shape that beautifully forms the palatal contours of your incisors. 

Highlights of this episode:

7:23 Mylar Pull Technique

9:57 The 5 Ps of Composite Success

23:49 Digital Facebow Transfer

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Jaz Gulati

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