Composite Veneers vs Edge Bonding – Biomimetic Dentistry with George The Dentist – PDP075

When I see an already beautiful smile plastered with Composite Veneers, it makes me a little bit anxious. I think that maybe the patient just ‘needs’ minor edge bonding and teeth whitening. In our latest podcast, we are very lucky to have such an amazing, high caliber dentist and we get to hear his take on composite veneers. It’s none other than George Cheetham aka George The Dentist. You’ll also get to know a powerful communication/consent tip that I will implement in my workflow straightaway.

Protrusive Dental Pearl: I love the Eve Twist Composite Polished by DiaComp (Not sponsored by the way). It’s my favourite polishers in the whole world. If you are looking for a new polishing system for your composites, you should definitely try the Eve Twist. It gives a high lustre relatively quickly. Check them out.

In this episode we discussed:

  • Establishing a practice as a young dentist
  • George’s take on composite veneers
  • Finding your dental niche
  • Tips and tricks in managing your case documentation (and social media)
  • Dealing with and treating fellow dentists
  • Breaking down biomimetic dentistry
  • George’s rapid quick fire about anything and everything dental

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Hosted by
Jaz Gulati

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