Completely Dentures with Mark Bishop – PDP029

With ‘The Denture Guy’ Mark Bishop who was also my first ever clinical tutor 11 years ago!

We discussed:

🎀 Occlusion with Dentures

🎀 Identifying red flags

🎀 At what point do you need to accept that the patient NEEDS to have implants to have success with dentures

🎀 What’s more important? A technically excellent denture, or a patient with good adaptation

🎀 Why do patients who wear ‘rubbish’ dentures struggle with ‘good’ dentures

🎀 Which is the best impression material?

🎀 Which are the red flags patients for Complete Dentures?

🎀 How do you handle a patient who tells you how to do your job?

🎀 Communication Pearls via analogies

🎀 How can you achieve suction lower dentures?

🎀 Do all you dentures need to be in Class I ?

🎀 How can we improve our registration phase of complete dentures?

🎀 Why most Dentists trip up at the diagnosis stage of Complete Dentures, and how to overcome this

🎀 The importance of writing a letter to your complete denture patient

The Atwoods classification and the Registration technique have been posted Protrusive Dental Community

Hosted by
Jaz Gulati

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