Clubhouse for Dentists – Fad or Future? – IC011

‘What on earth is Clubhouse?’ I hear you ask. Well, it’s kind of like being in a Whatsapp room with Richard Branson…and instead of typing you’re all just leaving live voicenotes. It’s like a Live Podcast and you get to contribute (sometimes). It’s also like a cult – it’s super addictive and invitation-only (at the time of publishing this).

Kevin Rose – who helps Dentists ‘Think’

My favourite thing about Clubhouse is that sometimes you’re not in the right state or environment to be on video – this audio-only platform has gained a lot of popularity!

I have seem some great Rooms (like a Whatsapp group) within Dentistry where a lot of knowledge bombs have been dropped. There is something beautiful about Live content that is difficult to get a replay for – the FOMO factor is real!

In this Interference Cast I am joined by Kevin Rose who helps drive better conversations in Dentistry.

TLDR: I think Dentistry has a home in Clubhouse – we can learn and share great content (live podcast, right?) – we can also use it to change public perceptions of Dentistry.

It’s probably not going to land you many patients in your chair, if that’s why you’re on it. You need to see a bigger picture!

Hosted by
Jaz Gulati

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