Do’s and Don’ts of Aligners [STRAIGHTPRIL] – PDP071

We wrap up STRAIGHTPRIL with a HUGE one – what makes aligners predictable? How can we make aligner treatment protocols efficient starting right from the planning stages and the Clincheck. I am joined by a fellow podcaster and specialist Orthodontist Dr Farooq Ahmed who is a wizard with Aligners!

Make Aligners Predictable Again – Donald Trump

Protrusive Dental Pearl: Use floss to create loops and use a chain retainer, like Ortho-Flextech which has made it much easier in my hands!

In this episode we discussed:

  • How to pick the winning cases
  • Which movements are tricky and how we can overcome them (including deep bite!!)
  • Should we overcorrect expansion?
  • What is Farooq’s take on elastics and aligners?
  • Clincheck golden nuggets!

Do check out Farooq on Ortho in Summary Podcast!

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Hosted by
Jaz Gulati

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