Ceramic Onlays from Preps, Temporisation and Bonding Protocols – PDP059

Move over, traditional crowns! These ceramic onlays are way more conservative and just downright sexier. But let’s not go crazy – like with all aspects of Dentistry, case selection is key.

This is going to number 1 for 2021 – it HAS to!

This episode is one for true Dental Geeks. Nik Sethi will adhesively blow your mind (wait….what did I just say?)

Imagine a 1 hour podcast episode after which you will improve your Onlays like never before – THIS is that episode. From the painful temporisation of onlays to the delicate bonding procedure, Nik leaves no stone unturned. Grab a pen and paper!

Protrusive Dental Pearl – use air abrasion on your Tanner/Michigan splints to help to see articulating paper marks more easily. Also it can be used to test compliance of your patients, as they will polish/grind away the abraded surface. Thank you Dr Tilly Houston for sending that one in!

In this episode we cover:

  • When to place large composites vs opting for indirect ceramic restorations
  • How to incorporate Immediate Dentine Sealing in to your workflow without feeling you have done anything different or additional
  • How to become more efficient with your adhesive onlay preps
  • When to start overlaying cusps, and when to leave them be (the answer may surprise you…)
  • The full bonding protocol with heated composite (etch and all!)
  • When to shoulder….when to bevel?

Nik was really great – my only contribution to the show was the term ‘Vonlay’. You’re welcome, everyone!

If you loved Nik’s down-to-earth style of teaching, do check out their courses:

Elevate 6 – Elevate Dentistry (elevate-dent.com)

By very popular demand Riaz and Niks hands on 2 day course covering their FIPO protocol:

Leeds 12th & 13th March 2021

London 9th & 10th April 2021

London 23rd & 24th April 2021

Leeds 7th 8th May 2021

 Leeds venue- Optident, Valley Drive, Ilkley, LS29 8AL

London venue- Blue room venue 220, Headstone Lane, HA2 6LY

2 Day – FIPO – Elevate Dentistry (elevate-dent.com)

Finally their pride and joy: Advanced Aesthetic Diploma.

Diploma – Elevate Dentistry (elevate-dent.com)

If you enjoyed this episode, you will love Emax Onlays and Vertipreps with Jason Smithson!

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Jaz Gulati
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