Many Dentists still believe that caries in to dentine on a radiograph automatically means they need to start drilling – why might they be wrong?

Remember that case I posted on my FB and IG page some months ago? It had SPLIT our profession down the middle as to whether you should drill those carious lesions or not.

Well, I asked Louis McKenzie about this case, as well as about caries detections systems and WHEN we should be picking up the drill?

Why should use a caries detection system (such as ICDAS)?

Which is the best system?

We share THAT case – the one that split the opinions of THOUSANDS of Dentists – find out what Louis would have done!

Find out what I DID end up doing!

What about cracks? Does that count as a ‘cavitation’ and therefore warrant restoration?

We discuss a classification to describe radiographic caries.

Pearl: when you place immediate resin bonded bridges, consider a split pontic technique!

www.rbbmasterclass.com for the full online course – use MAY2020 before 31st May 2020 to get a discount!

Hosted by
Jaz Gulati

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